6 BRUTAL Truths I’ve Learned in my 20's

Halfway through my 20's, I know 2 distinct groups of people:

The conventionally mature:

  • getting married
  • buying houses
  • discussing their tax bill

The "Peter Pan Syndrome"

  • partying
  • hookup culture
  • don’t know how to do taxes

What about the people in the middle?

The ones that don’t quite fit into either group, I guess they make youtube videos.

Your 20's are an interesting time because you are learning so much so fast.

There is no other time in your life that moves at such a velocity.

That is why you are in a unique make-or-break position in your life.

The successes, failures, and learning from mistakes are important in this period.

It is formative to how you will relate and react to things in your life from then on.

Matter of fact, a lot of traumas and hard-learned lessons typically happen in this area of life.

If you tap in with the right ideas and mindset, you will be set up the right way.

If you tap in with the wrong ideas and mindset, you might teeter off some unstoppable dominos in your life.

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