The duality of man.

The duality of man.
I live with 2 people in my head. One that writes and one that acts.

The writer is a dreamer and a visionary.

He sets his sights high.

He only lowers his gaze to remind others of the larger things in life.

Simple priorities and high standards.

A good man.

Too bad he has not made more appearances lately.

The actor is a pragmatist and a bit of a cynic.

He sees everything for what it is and acts accordingly.

No more, no less. Well, maybe a bit less.

Everybody's got their problems, but not him.

He's just chilling. He's unfazed.

Too bad he still lies to himself about reality.

Neither person is a way to live for a long period of time.

You need to balance the experience with the aesthetic.

You need to balance the reality with the expectation.

You need to balance the execution with the idea.

You need to marry the two sides to give yourself the best shot at being your best self.

Think big. Act accordingly.

You can rise to any expectation and still fall down to the level of your habits.

Execution is the real crutch.

Don't live in your head.