The Introduction

The Introduction

Information is intangible.

As a human being, you need information and application to live your life.

You need to learn about good relationships and form them in your social circle.

You need to learn about good food and how to cook.

You need to learn the utility of money and earn a pay check.

You need to learn to be happy and build out emotional intelligence long term.  

How do you start a newsletter?

I guess... you just start writing on the internet.

Who would have thought it was that easy? 🤷

In this newsletter, I plan to take on a challenge for myself to write something valuable every week for a year.

I am a deeply curious person. I find that I could write about history today and contemporary architecture tomorrow.

I'm not that smart... yet.

I hope to get there by building out my curiosity in public, starting with this newsletter.

Each week, I will publish a short letter on a new topic to maintain consistency with writing online.

Thanks for reading!✌️