There is POWER in expectation.

When faced with a new challenge, you could be tasked with the tyranny of low expectations.

The task of getting consistent with the gym,

The task of finding a new job,

The task of fixing a troubled relationship leaves you feeling defeated.

You start to expect the worst. It spirals.

This frame of mind says "I can't do this", "there's no way to get this done", or "I wish I could just snap my fingers and put this shit behind me."

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Once you get here, you take the lowest possible solution just to get out of racking your brain.

You stay in the toxic relationship.

You take the measly job offer.

You get complacent about your goals.

Your standards start to drift away into the abyss.


You get over the bar that you set.

Either you step over the low bar.


You jump over the high bar.

Don't reduce the possibilities in your life story.

Rise up to the level that makes your life worth living.