Life Is All Mental.

Life Is All Mental.

You set out a large list of goals for your life.

For your health, for your career, for your relationships.

You see that perfect vision of your future self living out your present dreams.

Truth is: you are not working hard enough at your goals because you don't want it bad enough.

Think about it:

Is it all for show?

Or will you finally prove to yourself what you're capable of?

Are you going to sacrifice for what you want?

Or are you going to keep shifting the goalpost to make yourself feel better about going nowhere?

Are you going to put in the blood, sweat, and tears?

Or are you content to stay where you are and watch life pass you by?

Do you actually want it?

Or do you just want other people to see that you have it?

Because you will only have it once you are secure in your mind. Otherwise, you will die chasing approval from the world that does not give you a second thought.

Find your "Why?"

Why should I keep going when I have past my breaking point?

It will keep you going when others are tired. Build your work capacity.

Why should I keep going when most people have finished working?

It will keep you awake on long nights at work. A deep focus separates the best.

Why do I feel sure about the direction I am going?

It will keep you warm in an increasingly cold world. A sense of direction transcends distraction.

Are you what you want to be? No...? Lock in ...

Your mind can take on any matter, but it has to be the first tool put to the test.