Change is inevitable.

Change is inevitable.

Times change.

Environments change.

People change.

Change is inevitable. It is the one constant in this life.

You can change too whenever you want.

This takes immense effort.

You have to reframe.

If you want to be a better writer: write

If you want better relationships: communicate

If you want a better body: move

You have to embody the outcome as a lead action.

This is a signal to your mind that you are in control.

When you have internal control, momentum kicks in.

Momentum sets you up as the "main character" in your life.

You can think freely.

You can solve your problems.

You can push past limits.

You are now writing the script for your life story.

Empower yourself to see what you are capable of.

This the only worthwhile pursuit in life.

Be Great!