Please Create Something!

Please Create Something!

Everyone is a consumer.

We scroll through social media.

We listen to the latest gossip in our social circle.

We watch the breaking news stories on TV.

We allow ourselves to be a dumping ground for all the stimulation around us.

This is idle. This is empty. This is not it.

Early Beginnings

I remember my first shot at trying out this idea of creating over consuming. I tried my hand at shooting a few YouTube videos after I came home from work. The feeling of creating was something almost foreign.

I had a presence of mind. Having a camera pointed at my face forced me to think for once. Think about how to create for someone else's consumption.

I started coming up with ideas.  

I was thinking about the best angles for my video shots.

I was imagining how I could add in some b-roll and background music to create a full storyline.

I could not help but smile. The effort to create something with my own ideas and skills was simply refreshing.

As a kid,

I always wanted to be the indescribable kind of person. I wanted to be good at a lot of different things.

Because well... why not?

I now find this digital age presents the best opportunity for that. The internet provides infinite resources to learn and platforms to build.

You can write and post your essays on a blog.

You can code and post your projects on a forum.

You can have interesting conversations and host on a podcast.

What a time to be alive where you can learn new skills, tell your story, and build a project in public for the world to see.

I love to add music to enhance each emotion of the storytelling for a video.

I always use Epidemic Sound:

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Thanks for reading!✌️